Meionite from Franklin, shown under SW UV
These specimens came from some old Franklin road fill. The pinkish-red fluorescing mineral seems to be scapolite (meionite, or close to that end of the series). It is not calcite. No effervescence appears with HCl, and the mineral has a greater hardness than calcite.

In visible light it is gray and somewhat vitreous. It occurs with microcline, smoky quartz, a little calcite, and sometimes willemite. The piece shown in the center of the photo has a spot of yellow-orange fluorescing material which we have not been able to identify yet. The bluish-purple color around the meionite is mainly due to reflected visible light escaping from the UV lamp.

The subtle beauty of fluorescent scapolite from Franklin is perhaps underappreciated. As the photo shows, it really comes to life under a powerful shortwave lamp with a good filter.Back