Manganaxinite and clinohedrite from Franklin
Manganaxinite - FL Crimson-Red SW
Clinohedrite - FL Orange SW
Andradite - non-FL

This nice specimen is about 2.5 inches wide. The bright orange-fluorescing spots are clinohedrite, which is sometimes associated with manganaxinite.

Fluorescent manganaxinite is one of the rarer and more sought-after Franklin minerals. Its fluorescence is similar to that of calcite, but usually more crimson in hue.

Not all manganaxinite from Franklin is fluorescent.  Most of it is actually not.  In the case of some minerals (for example, sphalerite) you can get a pretty good idea based on the daylight appearance.  Manganaxinite is not one of these. It is hard to tell in the daylight whether a given specimen will be any good under the lamp.  (I'd like to tell you the darker honey-yellow or amber material doesn't generally fluoresce as well as the pale variety, but I've seen some exceptions to this).  Some specimens look perfectly homogeneous in daylight, but the SW lamp reveals bright areas and dead areas.