Hardystonite, willemite and calcite from Franklin
Hardystonite (blue-violet)
Willemite (green)
Calcite (red)
Franklinite (non-fluorescent)

I found this at the Buckwheat night dig in the fall of 1999. There was quite a bit of sledge hammering involved to get this!  I was carefully checking out the surface of the dump when I found a rock sticking out that had a tiny spot of hardystonite showing. I reasoned it might have more inside.  It did.  

The piece is fairly heavy, and it is about 4.5 inches wide. Notice the hardystonite mixed in with the willemite. I have seen this in other specimens from the Franklin deposit.  Sometimes willemite overpowers the hardystonite completely.  It can easily overpower a lot of other species as well.  Indeed, willemite is the Chuck Norris of fluorescent minerals.  

This is another one of my favorite rocks, especially because it was field-collected.  Fluorescent specimens having zone separations, "ribbons", banding, or other patterns are always desirable, even if they are calcite or something else that's otherwise common.

Some of the photos still hanging around on this site were taken with an older digital camera that lacked the color reproduction and resolution of the newer ones.  As time and opportunity permit I may replace these photos.

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