Fluorite, calcite and willemite from Arizona
Fluorite - FL Blue-Violet SW
Calcite - FL Red-Orange SW
Willemite - FL Lichen-Green SW

Beautiful calcite, fluorite and willemite... not from Franklin, though. This piece comes from the Hogan Claim in Yavapai County, Arizona and measures about 2.5 inches across. The bluish-violet fluorescing fluorite is even brighter under longwave UV. The willemite (green) appears on this piece in only small amounts, but adds some variety to it.

Much of the willemite from Arizona that I've seen has an eerie, lichen-green fluorescence to it.  It's sort of a washed-out sea-green that's completely unlike the Franklin-Sterling Hill or the Miller Canyon willemite.

I got this rock from Jared, a collector from New England, several years ago.

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