Calcite {CaCO3}:  Fl. red-orange SW
Dolomite {MgCO3}:  Fl. violet to non-fluorescent SW
Sphalerite {ZnS}:   Fl. blue SW

This interesting "ribbon" specimen came from the Buckwheat Dump recently.  We dug a hole in which we found very little of interest, but looking back it was worth it-- it did yield the specimen you see above.

The carbonate vein is about 5/8" wide and appears to be a mixture of calcite and dolomite, though it may just be two kinds of calcite having different amounts of fluorescent activator.  It's interesting that in daylight the carbonate vein looks completely uniform, i.e., no hint that it would have regions of different fluorescence.

The very thin vein of blue-fluorescing material is most likely sphalerite, variety "cleiophane".  Under long-wave it fluoresces even more brightly (the same color).

Specimen also contains franklinite, mica, and a dull green, serpentine-like mineral.

A daylight photograph of this specimen is yet another thing on the very long "To Do" list.

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