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"FrOg" stands for "Franklin / Ogdensburg". Franklin and Ogdensburg are towns in Sussex County, New Jersey. These two towns were homes to two world-famous zinc mines (plus other smaller mines (for iron) and quarries). The FrOg area produced about 350 mineral species. About 80 of the minerals are fluorescent. About 35 of the minerals are not found anywhere else in the world. About 5 of those 35 minerals unique to the FrOg area are fluorescent.

People from all over the world collect and study FrOg mineral specimens (and other artifacts) relating to the FrOg area. FrOg On-Line is an e-mail newsletter containing mainly discussion, announcements, and news relavant to the worldwide FrOg collecting community. Questions, comments, announcements, discussion, news, and other contributions should be e-mailed to the current FrOg On-Line moderator.

This web site is an archive of all available FrOg On-Line issues. Links to each available FrOg On-Line issue may be found below grouped by year, and organized chronologically within each year. Dates below ending with a question mark ("?") are uncertain; all dates should be considered to be plus or minus one day due to time zone differences and local time vs. Coordinated Universal Time ambiguity. This archive was first assembled by Bill Mattison in late February, 2000, and is hopefully updated each time another issue of FrOg On-Line is published.

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Thanks to Chris Thorsten for hosting this site. Thanks to John Jaszczak for providing FrOg On-Line #1998-01 to the archive, to Herb Yeates for providing FrOg On-Line #'s 1998-02, 1998-04, 1998-05, 1998-06, and 1998-07 to the archive, to John Jaszczak for providing FrOg On-Line #1999-01 to the archive, and to Dave Slaymaker for providing FrOg On-Line #'s 1999-02, 1999-03, 1999-04, and 2000-01 to the archive.

current moderator: Bill Mattison
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FrOg On-Lines for 1998.

Gary Grenier, moderator.

It is believed that issue #3 for 1998 never reached anyone, but this is not confirmed. It is also believed that Gary merged #3 into #4 upon learning that issue #3 never reached anyone, but again, this is unconfirmed. Issues for this year's archive were provided by Herb Yeates and John Jaszczak.

FrOg On-Lines for 1999.

Bill Mattison, moderator.

FrOg On-Lines for 2000.

Bill Mattison, moderator.

FrOg On-Lines for 2001.

Bill Mattison, moderator.

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