Wollastonite - FL bright orange-yellow
Calcite - FL dull red-pink

This gorgeous fluorescent specimen comes from the Desert View Mine in San Bernardino County, California.  I'm not sure when the Desert View wollastonite find was discovered, but I had never seen specimens from there until this year (2005).

When it comes to richness and intensity, this material rivals any of the wollastonite that came from Franklin or Sterling Hill in New Jersey.

California has produced some truly stunning fluorescent specimens in the past few years.  The same goes for Arizona.  Franklin, NJ is still the Fluorescent Mineral Capital of the World, but the finds coming out of the American Southwest in the past couple decades are nothing to scoff at.  Miller Canyon, Hogan Claim, Princess Pat Mine... actually there are way more than I can think of offhand. 

Specimen is about 6 inches across.  Photo by C. Thorsten.

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