Nick at the Trotter

"Nick Zipco at retired Trotter timber shaft air hoist (850 foot shaft),
Franklin, N.J.  March 20, 1976"

from the Franklin Mineral Museum archives

Nick used to be the caretaker at the Trotter Dump.  Before that, he was a Franklin Miner until the mine closed in '54.

I remember him taking us to the Trotter in the mid-Eighties.  We had met him over at the museum, where he'd been selling minerals from his car (as he usually did).  He told us about this great place where you could find the really good rocks.

By then, it was really starting to fill in with trees and vegetation.  The way I remember Nick, he looked pretty much the same in '85 as he did in this picture from 1976.  I really wish we'd taken pictures that day.

The air hoist is gone now.  I believe it's over at Sterling Hill.  The outcrop in the background appears to be the same one where the "hardystonite trench" (or was it the "esperite trench"?) was being worked during the 2000 or 2001 DVESS dig.

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