there it is... one big sphalerite
Sphalerite: silvery-gray

...a face which resulted from carefully splitting a thick vein that ran through a calcite boulder. There is some hydrozincite on this face as well.

Although this piece is beautifully fluorescent, it is very difficult to photograph under UV because of its sheer size. I will need to do a time exposure with the 35 mm for this one. This piece is best under shortwave UV, not the mid-range or longwave that one would expect.

I found this big sphalerite on April 8, 2000 at the Buckwheat Dump. It is the largest fluorescent sphalerite I've ever found (or seen) from the Buckwheat. It measures 12 inches across by 10 inches high and weighs in at 42 pounds.

When I take a good photo of this specimen's fluorescence, I will be sure to upload it.