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The contents of this site are listed below according to subject or keyword. Some are redundant.
No need for fancy-schmancy drop down lists or databases... just click on the link you want. 

Some people don't like the amber text on black background.  This is a fluorescent mineral website primarily, so deal with it.  ;-)

Site Topics are in two different sections.

Part 1.  Rocks & Minerals... just scroll down

Part 2.  Metal Detecting!

Part 1.
Articles about Rocks, Minerals & Related Topics:

Axinite, Calcite, and "Flash" (Brief Intense Phosphorescence or BIP)
Buckwheat Dump night dig
Closed / Endangered Sites list
Franklin, New Jersey
Identifying Minerals
Igneous Rocks
Lamps - an old Superbright that's been put through the paces
Lime Crest Quarry
Links to related sites
Loupes - reviews and commentary
Metamorphic Rocks
....of the Buckwheat Dolomite
....of the Franklin orebody
....of the Sterling Hill orebody
....of the Sussex County marble quarries
Micromounts, General
Micromounts, How-To
Mineral Tack, a Story of
Minerals, specific
....Axinite (Manganaxinite) from Franklin, NJ
....Fluorite from Sparta, NJ
....Willemite with some thoughts on collecting & photographing

Ogdensburg, New Jersey
Pictures of minerals
Rock cycle and weathering losses
Rock types
Rocks, specific
....Picture Sandstone
Sedimentary Rocks
Sterling Hill mine, Ogdensburg, NJ
Trotter Dump, Franklin, NJ 
Part 2.
Metal Detecting Articles & Reviews

.Cleaning finds by Electrolysis
.Cleaning finds by Oil Soaking
.Digging the Deep Coins

.How to Choose a Metal Detector (for beginners)    (new!)

Review - 11" Round Widescan Coil from Tesoro
.Review - Fisher 1266-X (classic review)
.Review - Teknetics Omega 8000    (new!)
Review - Tesoro Compadre
Review - Tesoro Silver uMax
Review - Tesoro Tejon
Review - Tesoro Tiger Shark

Side by Side Comparison - Tesoro Tejon vs. Minelab Explorer
Some Chemistry and how it applies to cleaning & preserving
     your finds
The Halo Effect
The Story of an Aluminum Token
The Story of a Large Cent
.Using the older White's Coinmasters

.Metal Detecting Links

Part 3.
Miscellaneous Stuff that I felt like posting

.How to Replace a Leaky Faucet (For Real!!)

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