Lime Crest Scapolite, shown under SW UV

Scapolite (Meionite):  Fl. Orange to Peach, SW

This is an older, overexposed photograph.  As time permits I may try to take an updated picture of this specimen.  Unfortunately, Lime Crest scapolite was never known for its bright fluorescence, so a more realistic photograph would show it as dimmer.

Scapolite (meionite-marialite) in non-fluorescent calcite, found in the now-closed Lime Crest Quarry during the fall 1998 FOMS field trip. At least one specimen of this had radiating graphite associated with it, in the calcite.

In visible light this scapolite ranges from gray-green to light apple green. Some of it doesn't fluoresce that well-- but this piece is just great, as Lime Crest scapolite goes. It's tough to capture the range of fluorescent colors on film: orange, yellow-orange, peach, magenta, and various shades in between. However, the hazy blue you see here is from reflected visible light that escapes the UV lamp.

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