Rhodochrosite, franklinite, willemite
Rhodochrosite is not at all common on the Buckwheat Dump. I discovered this one on a humid summer day in 1998. It's the only substantial find of rhodochrosite I've had in all my trips there.

Rhodochrosite can be confused with rhodonite because of its pink color, but it's a carbonate instead of a silicate. Both minerals weather to black on the outside, since they contain abundant manganese. The delicate hue of this rhodochrosite was hard to capture in the photograph. The vivid red background may not help matters, but it was the only thing I had available at the time.

This specimen contains also willemite, franklinite, and an unidentified yellow mineral that might be greenockite or hawleyite. There is also a small cavity in the rock with some pinkish-orange micro crystals whose identity I'm unsure of- they may be rhodochrosite, but they may be something else...