Willemite:  FL Green SW
Calcite:  FL Red SW
Rhodonite (?): non-fl.
Andradite: non-fl.
Franklinite: non-fl.

This is one of the most interesting "red & green" pieces I've ever found on the Buckwheat.  I collected it in November 2005.

Notice the non-fluorescent crystal shapes in the willemite.  In daylight they're very hard to distinguish from the rest of the rock.  I believe this mineral to be rhodonite or some other pyroxenoid, even though the daylight color is mostly dull gray (like tephroite).  If it were tephroite, there'd probably be willemite exsolution lines or veinlets in it.  However, I'm not sure if this always must be the case.

The aesthetic qualities of a fluorescent specimen rely not only on what glows, but also on what doesn't.  

Specimen is about 3 3/8 inches across maximum dimension.

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