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Various Photos - Franklin Mining District

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A WORD ABOUT PHOTO QUALITY:  for this page I'm trying to keep it non-digital.  I'm not saying all digital photography is bad, but generally, daylight images taken with digicams tend to look flat and harsh.   The worst are those taken with earlier and lower-quality digital cameras.  That spans about a decade of photography.   Somewhere in that decade, I'm hoping people took film photographs of things like the Trotter Digs (2000-2006) and the Mill Site. If you have, please contact me.  If you don't have a scanner, I'll scan the negs or slides for you if I can post copies on this website.

By the way, I'm putting a few non-Franklin locality photos in here, just because I can.  I'll try to keep them separate to avoid confusion.

Localities, People, etc -  Franklin / Ogdensburg area, NJ

Lime Crest Quarry, 2001  (Disappearing Sites article)

Mill Site, 1985

Nick Zipco at the Trotter, 1976

Other Localities & Places (non-NJ):

Cripple Creek, Colorado, 1971                               


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