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Here are some good external links pertaining to metal detecting and coin hunting.

Carolyn's Metal Detecting Corner - have a look at the finds section.  Nice coins!  Site also has its own forum that has quite a few users.

El Chupacabras Treasure - site of Ryan C. from California.  Blog with pictures of finds.

Have Detector Will Travel - J.R. Hoff's site with a lot of great pictures and stories of his finds.  Plenty to see here, with a lot of good articles.

Metal Detecting Forum  Lots of good advice and information to be had here.  Forums are home to some great information that at one time could be gotten only from specialized books, or years of experience.

Metal Detecting Hobby Resource - A hobbyist-built site with lots of great MD'ing content... tips, photos, articles, you name it.  Have a look!

Metal Detecting World - Beautiful site by Sergei, a serious hobbyist from Upstate NY.  He's gone  detecting in the USA, Russia, Serbia, Estonia, and the UK... and he has plenty of photos and stories on his web site!  Excellent.

Treasurenet - a big MD'ing site, with forums.  This is one of the Internet's two or three biggest forums on metal detecting and TH'ing.

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