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New Ebook Available Now:

"Mastering the
Tesoro Tejon and Vaquero"

The Tesoro Tejón and Vaquero have been around for about a decade, yet these metal detectors continue to perform as well as (and often better than) more recent units. 

It's time for a book that's not only an advanced user manual, but also a celebration of these two great machines.

That book is here!   I'm happy to announce...


Equivalent to about a 100-page print book, this new ebook represents years of field experience.  It has several photos, all of which will display in full color if you have a color-capable reader.

Topics include:

   • Detailed comparisons of the two models
   • Learning to interpret the single audio tone
   • Coin hunting with the Tejon / Vaquero
   • Working "in the iron"
   • An in-depth look at ground balancing
   • Numerous tips for getting the most from your Tejon or Vaquero!

To show how these machines fit into the current technological landscape, the book also offers:

   • Rational thoughts on brand & model comparisons
   • Discussion of analog vs. digital metal detectors, and why analog is still viable
   • Field comparison with a current top-shelf digital machine

Whether you're already a long-time owner of one of these machines, or you're considering the purchase of one, this book has something for you.

Right now it's available exclusively as an e-book!   It's for sale in the Amazon Kindle Store.

If you don't already have a Kindle Reader, the best deal right now in price vs. features seems to be the Kindle Fire HD 7" tablet.  I would get the one "Without Special Offers", because then there's no advertising.   You can pick up the 8 GB version here or the 16 GB version here.  Either of these work well for ebooks with color illustrations  (older readers show them in B&W).  

You can really show your support for this website by using these links to purchase your stuff.  I really hope you enjoy my new ebook.

Thanks for reading!!


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