Meionite, etc., from Sterling Hill     Meionite, etc., from Sterling Hill

Meionite - Magenta, SW
Calcite - Red-Orange, SW
Fluorapatite - Orange-Brown, SW

This is the "Freaky Stone Head From Easter Island" specimen.  Mark Boyer collection.  Found several years ago on a field trip to the Noble Pit at Sterling Hill.  It's still one of the better examples of this assemblage, not to mention the Easter Island tie-in.  

Photos were taken (as I recall) with a 35 mm camera (on a tripod, of course;  exposure times were, I believe, in the vicinity of 4 seconds).  The Shop-Rite 400 film wasn't too bad, although the 35 mm in general did / does not respond well to dim fluorescence.

The fluorapatite came out looking almost gray, even though in real life it fluoresces more of an orange-brown.

The non-fl. areas are augite or "jeffersonite".

Finding and collecting fluorescent rocks shaped like familiar objects could be a pastime of its own.  The Franklin museum has (had?) a big willemite & calcite they used to call "Moon Over Miami".  Then there was Dru Wilbur's "Space Ghost" manganaxinite, of which I caught a glimpse at the last show.

The "stone head" specimen is about 7 inches tall. 

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