Manganaxinite from Franklin
Manganaxinite - FL crimson SW
Xonotlite - FL blue SW

I bought this one from the Franklin Mineral Museum in 2000 or 2001. It contains manganaxinite (red), xonotlite (blue), and traces of willemite (green).

This classic mineral assemblage also has andradite garnet (brown in visible light), giving it a characteristic look in daylight. The non-fluorescent areas you see here are mostly andradite.

I am planning to re-photograph this specimen to get a better and more true-to-life exposure, as time permits.

I keep hoping to uncover manganaxinite at the yearly Trotter dig, but so far no luck.

Once in a while I find traces of a red-fluorescing mineral on the Buckwheat that lacks the "flash" or brief intense phosphorescence of calcite.  I always wonder if it could be manganaxinite; the associated minerals are franklinite, andradite and willemite, all in a dense, compact form.   There never seems to be enough of the mystery stuff to make for a displayable specimen, so I haven't bothered testing it with acid to see if it fizzes.

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