Hydrozincite, willemite and UNKNOWN
Here's an intriguing 3-color piece, with
and an unidentified mineral which I think may be
fluorescent zincite or smithsonite (cream color).

I could be way off base on that last one, but no one I've showed it to has been sure of what it is. Fluorescent zincite does exist but is rare;  I don't know about smithsonite, but I'd expect it as a weathering product of zinc ores.

There's also probably aragonite on this rock.  I forget whether this specimen phosphoresced or not.

The unknown mineral's fluorescence doesn't show up too well in the photograph, but it's brighter in real life.

I need to get around to re-photographing the specimen in higher resolution.  The colors also appear a bit washed-out in the photo.  It is slightly more vibrant in real life, but the mystery mineral's fluorescence is still fairly subtle and hard to capture on film.

I found this in the Passaic Pit during Sterling Hill's fall 1999 night dig.

In visible light, it's readily apparent that the specimen contains a great deal of franklinite and zincite. The hydrozincite and the unidentified mineral appear as a coating on one face.

Specimen is about 6 or 7 inches long.