Following are links to lists of minerals-- not the list of all known minerals, just the ones that can still be found at existing collecting areas of the Franklin / Sterling district (and nearby quarries). If anyone has information to contribute to this list, please let me know. The links below will take you to lists of minerals you can find in the...

Buckwheat dolomite

Buckwheat Dump

Sterling Hill

Sussex Co. quarries

Trotter Dump

Collecting on the Buckwheat

Above:  Joe and Lenny collecting on the Buckwheat, November 2005.  

To dig or not to dig is a question that depends on what you're trying to find.  The rarer fluorescent minerals tend to be much less common on the dump surface, though I found small amounts of cuspidine and hardystonite right on the surface, both on one day.  I also found a rare dendritic willemite specimen without digging.

Sometimes you can dig for hours and still find little else but marble and dolomite, which aren't very interesting unless you're searching for microminerals.

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