Battle Mountain,
Cripple Creek,
Colorado, 1971


Your treasured vacation slides really shouldn't be left in a damp place.  They will get moldy.  Right now, actually, I'm in the process of rescuing some slides that were stored that way.  They just happen to be related to mineral collecting and mining, hence their inclusion on this website.

Here's one of an abandoned mine structure in Colorado.   I know it's not Franklin, and it's not even New Jersey, but you have to admit it's cool.  

I'm told this is Battle Mountain, but I don't know which mine or structure this was.  I'm sure someone else can identify it.  I have no idea if this structure is even still there.

I'm guessing the wooden trestle was for ore carts.  That would mean there were once rails on it, unless somebody just walked it with buckets full of something.  What I can tell you is that I wouldn't want to have been the guy who had to walk that trestle every day.  It doesn't look too sturdy to me.

I don't know how Colorado is today, but at least back in the Sixties and Seventies you could be pretty sure these old mine workings wouldn't end up under a bunch of condos.  The high, relatively dry climate also preserved the wooden buildings fairly well.

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