Celestite from Ohio
Celestite {SrSO4} - FL blue-white SW, LW

This is nice celestite specimen is about 3.5 inches across and is from Lime City Quarry, Wood County, Ohio. Photo taken under shortwave UV, but I think it will fluoresce under LW also (can't remember after looking at so many minerals!!!).

Celestite occurs in sedimentary environments, meaning it forms at low temperature.  In other words, you don't typically find celestite in granites or skarns-- you find it in shales and sometimes sandstones. 

Two good places to collect celestite in the USA are Ohio (Ottawa County, Wood County) and Pennsylvania (Northumberland County), though there are probably many other North American locales for celestite.  The material I've seen from PA doesn't usually fluoresce that well, but calcite from there can have decent brightness.

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