FrOg On-Line #2001-06

Welcome to FrOg On-Line #2001-05, Friday, June 15, 2001


1. Introduction
2. FrOg On-Line Possibilities
3. Collecting Report
4. April 2001 Trotter Dig
5. Misc.
6. "Subscriber" List

1. Introduction


I need for someone to take over FrOg On-Line.  If you are willing, please
e-mail me as soon as possible.  See Section 2 below for more information.

The Franklin-Ogdensburg mineral list articles Gary Grenier submitted will not
appear here; I just do not have the time to convert several hundred lines of
html to simple ASCII.  One of those articles includes an html table over 350
rows long.  Technically, I can handle it.  But I have too many higher priority
things pleading for my time.

A collecting report from Mark Boyer comprises section 3.

See section 4 for url's to pictures of the 2001 Trotter Dig and the NJESA Show,
complements of Herb Yeates.

As far as I know, there are no new activities or events to be added to what was
in FrOg On-Line #2001-03, so see that issue for the schedule of events.  All
past FrOg On-Line issues may be viewed in the FrOg On-Line Archive at url

I wish everyone a safe and enjoyable Independence Day.

2. FrOg On-Line Possibilities

I am swamped, and I am starting to burn out.  The five year contract that
employs me, that my employer has with the U.S. government, expires in under
nine months; and I have a vast collection of mineral specimens to re-organize,
high grade, and pack in anticipation of possible re-location.  I was nearly
re-located by my employer just over two years ago, and it took me over half a
year to get ready for that, and I never did finish.  So I must start now.  I
also have been trying to finish analysis of hardystonite fluorescence spectra
for over a year now.  I'm losing too much control over my time.  I must cut
something; my decision is to cease as FrOg On-Line moderator/editor.

Three primary possibilities come to my mind regarding the future of FrOg

* Someone can take it over and continue it in its current format.  Issues will
  be all ASCII; no html, no images, no word processor or desktop publisher
  files.  Issues are automatically e-mailed to subscribers; the only effort
  required of subscribers is to read issues.  Contents would likely be
  filtered, moderated, and possibly edited.  (Hopefully, the new person would
  do a better job than I did with the filtering and moderating!)

* One subscriber last year was thinking of putting together an "eFrOg".  There
  would be images; text would not be limited to simple ASCII.  I do not know
  whether contents would be filtered, moderated, or edited.  I and a few other
  current FrOg On-Line subscribers cannot handle "Word", "Powerpoint", or
  "Presentation" at all.  "Word Perfect" is a lot of hassle for me; I don't
  know about anyone else.  Several current FrOg On-Line subscribers preferred
  no attachments at all.

* Schedule and event information is available on the Franklin Mineral Museum
  web site, the Sterling Hill Mining Museum web site, and Herb Yeates' web
  site.  The Franklin-Ogdensburg Mineralogical Society snail-mails schedules to
  all Society members at least once a year, usually twice.  So FrOg On-Line is
  not really needed for this.  Herb Yeates' web site contains an on-line
  discussion forum.  This can replace basically all other FrOg On-Line
  functionality.  Here, nothing is automatically e-mailed to anyone, so it is
  left to each interested individual to connect to the on-line discussion forum
  and read what interests him, but this should take little more than clicking
  a link or selecting a bookmark.  Any "articles" (collecting reports, home lab
  reports, featured specimen write-ups, questions, announcements, opinions,
  mineralogical/geological discussions, etc.) submitted to the forum are posted
  and thus become available to everyone essentially immediately.  Likewise
  answers, counterpoints, follow-ups, etc.  But currently, postings cannot
  include images.

Well, as you can see, there are pros and cons to each option.  And there are
other possibilities; I leave that to your imagination.

It's up to the FrOg community: you.  If you are willing to take over as FrOg
On-Line moderator/editor, e-mail me as soon as possible.  I must hear from you
by noon eastern time, Thursday, July 05.  If no-one volunteers, FrOg On-Line
will croak.  I will publish one last issue to announce the results and to tie
up any loose ends.

3. Collecting Report

From: "mark boyer" <>
To: "William Mattison" <>
Subject: Re: this weekend.
Date: Tue, 22 May 2001 13:35:38 -0400


Greetings.  I bought much less than I hoped to at the NJESA show!  Actually,
some things that I hoped would be there never materialized.  Trotter was pretty
much a bust for me, but I do have a sad "one that got away" story.  Underneath
a concrete pad excavated at Trotter, I found an approximately 2-inch-diameter
(!) rhodonite crystal with a second, smaller crystal in calcite matrix.  The
rock was firmly embedded in the concrete and I did not have a pry bar to pop it
out.  Later in the day when I had access to a friend's pry bar, the rock was
gone!  Oh well, I'm a fluorescent collector...what do I need a $500.00
rhodonite crystal for anyway?  I just hope whoever got it didn't hammer it to

This past weekend I collected at the Noble Pit at Sterling Hill.  John Kolic
had taken apart that outcrop at the saddle area that contained the
white-fluorescing mineral that I thought at first was cerrusite.  Not much more
of this material was found, but there was lots of chunky galena as well as
calcite crystals and vug coatings.  This calcite fluoresced SW the standard
orange-red as well as cream and bright purple.  The purple-fluorescing calcite
was a clump or ball-shaped crystally tuft that broke into 2 pieces when I
popped apart a vug.  I need to examine these specimens more closely...this is a
preliminary observation.  Also found some apatite crystals in calcite with

Limecrest the following day yielded massive SW-fluorescing albite and several
boulders with 6-inch-thick veins of norbergite.  The norbergite was of the
"sugary" fluorescent pattern type...tightly packed grains with a moderately
strong fluorescence, but not quite as bright as the construction site stuff off
of Sterling Hill Road.  (That site, by the way, is pretty well exhausted or
buried now.)  The best stuff I found at Limecrest was the inch-thick meionite
pods in calcite.  Not much of this was collected, but it was easily the
highlight of my day.  It fluoresces pale to moderate yellow SW, but midrange,
it fluoresces bright orange, similar to wernerite.

Hope to see you next time you're up this way.  By the way, if you have any
trading material, let me know.


P.S.  If you want to adapt any of this info as a "field report" for FrOg
Online, that's OK.

4. April 2001 Trotter Dig

Date: Mon, 14 May 2001 12:36:59 -0400
From: "herb" <>
To: William Mattison  <>
Subject: Re: FrOg On-Line #2001-04.

Hi Bill -
Thanks for the latest issue and nice to meet you -- even if it was rushed --
last month.

Some pix of the NJESA show are here:

Some pix from the Trotter event are here:



PS: [...]

5. Misc.

Herb Yeates found on the web a movie that might be of interest to the FrOg

  From: "Herb Yeates" <>
  To: "William Mattison" <>
  Subject: Re: preview: next FrOg On-Line.
  Date: Tue, 12 Jun 2001 16:40:18 -0400

  Hi Bill -

  BTW: One more URL  -- you can include it or not -- your choice. It is only
  for subscribers with high-speed Internet access, a PC with sound
  card/speakers, and a browser that can show 'AVI' multimedia video clips
  (most newer MS browsers).

  It's a short film, with fabulous sound, of a promotional film entitled "zinc
  oxide and you". It's 3.9 Mb in size but worth every minute of download time.
  A real hoot!



John Cianciulli forwarded to me the following:

     Date: Tue, 15 May 2001 22:14:01 -0400
     From: John Cianciulli <>
     To: herb <>, "Earl R. Verbeek" <>,
             Mark Boyer <>, Mark Leger <>,
             michin <>, Paul <>,
             steven kuitems <>,
             "William C. Mattison" <>
     Subject: [Fwd: Fw: SAD NEWS ;-(  ZCA IS CLOSED DOWN]
     [... chain of forwards ...]
     To: [...]
     Date: Mon, 14 May 2001 17:17:48 EDT
     Subject: SAD NEWS ;-(  ZCA IS CLOSED DOWN

     ;-(======     A MAJOR BLOW TO GOUVERNEUR NY.


6. "Subscriber" List

NJ   Larry Berger
NC   Alan Borg 
NY   Dick Bostwick
NJ   Mark Boyer
CA   Kevin Brady
PA   Bob Carnein
VA   Peter Chin          Peter.Chin@USPTO.GOV
NJ   John Cianciulli
NJ   John Corsello
CT   Denis De Angelis
CA   Fred Devito
FL   Sandra Downs
VA   Steve Gordon
NY   Howie Green
MD   Gary Grenier
MN   Tim Hanson
NY   Tema Hecht
CA   Andy Honig
CA   Mark Isaacs
MI   John Jaszczak
NY   Carl Kanoff
NJ   Steve Kuitems
FL   Roy Lambert
NY   Donald Lapham
NY   Greg Lesinski
PA   Jay Lininger
PA   Mike Logan
     Gavin Malcolm             England
CO   Peter Marikle
MD   Bill Mattison
CA   Dan McHugh
NJ   Dan McHugh Sr.
VA   Curt Michanczyk
CA   Doug Mitchell
CO   Pete Modreski
WA   Don Newsome
NJ   Jeff Osowski
AZ   George Polman
NJ   Nathan Schachtman
NY   Paul Shizume
MD   Steve Shramko
NJ   Dave Slaymaker
CT   Charles Sloan
CA   Jane Grover-Smith
CA   Kent Smith
NJ   Chris Thorsten
NJ   Jim Tozour
NJ   Earl Verbeek
PA   John Vidumsky
PA   Eric Weis 
NM   Dru Wilbur
VA   David Woolley
FL   Herb Yeates
CA   Wayne Young

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