FrOg On-Line #2001-02

Welcome to FrOg On-Line #2001-02, Thursday, March 08, 2001


1. Introduction
2. Important News about FrOg Publications on the Internet
3. Important Question
4. The "List"
5. The Glowing Future
6. "Subscriber" List

1. Introduction


In this issue, Herb Yeates announces important additions/enhancements to his
FrOg web site, the spring FOMS schedule is published, and a significant change
in how FrOg On-Line issues are sent out is proposed.  Two changes to FrOg
mineral lists are also introduced.


2. Important News about FrOg Publications on the Internet

From: "Herb Yeates" <>
To: <>
Subject: New Franklin-Sterling Websites
Date: Fri, 23 Feb 2001 06:38:18 -0500

Bill -
Some news for folks who use the Web. Feel free to include this in your

(1) With the permission of Dr. Pete J. Dunn, I've just completed web-publishing
much of his monograph, "Franklin and Sterling Hill, New Jersey: the world's
greatest mineral deposits."

The introduction, bibliography, chapters on cultural aspects, geology,
fluorescence, geochemistry, and all chapters on minerals, are now available
on-line. Instructions for ordering printed copies from the FOMS are presented
at several points on the website as well.

The Web version offers some new capabilities, such as an on-line 'search'
function, and otherwise makes Franklin-Sterling science more accessible to
audiences worldwide.

Visitors must have version 4.0 or newer browsers, and Microsoft's Internet
Explorer 5.5 is recommended. Older Netscape browsers, in particular, will not
render the site correctly.

The URL for this new Website is:

(2) Also, I've published a new on-line version of Palache (1935). The current
version now offers 'search' capabilities and has much of the analytical data
partitioned from the main text.

The new URL for this Website is:

(3) Finally, the general URL for my suite of Franklin-Sterling related Websites
is now:

Best wishes,
Herb Yeates

[A few, very few, persons may not be able to load Herb's                     ]
["" or "" ]
[web pages.  I couldn't.  Should you be one of those unlucky people, try     ]
[instead "".  This]
[worked fine for me.                                                         ]
[                                                                            ]
[I had no trouble loading or using the Herb's dunn and palache sites.        ]


3. Important Question

It has been suggested that I send out FrOg On-Line issues as Word files
attached to messages rather than as message text.  Unfortunately, I do not have
access to Word.  But I can do html.  I have discussed this with the person
making the suggestion.  He thought html was acceptable.  What about the rest of

If, and ONLY if, you canNOT or would prefer NOT to receive future FrOg On-Line
issues as html files attached to the messages (which would be essentially
empty), e-mail me ( to let me know.  Otherwise,
you need not say anything about this; I will assume you are ok with, and can
handle html attachments.

Two additional issues regarding this, for those of you who are more
knowledgeable about these things:
1. The system I use to create FrOg On-Line issues, and from which I e-mail
   them, is a non-Intel RISC machine (HP-9000) with a UNIX (HP-UX) operating
   system.  This system uses a one-byte character (control-n) to indicate
   end-of-line.  It's my understanding most people have Intel (or Intel
   "clone") machines witha Windows operating system, and these use a 2-byte
   character (carriage-return + line-feed) to indicate end-of-line.  Will this
   cause problems?
2. The machine I use is "big endian", while my understanding is the machines
   most people use are "little endian".  I suspect this will not cause any
   problems.  Am I correct?

If no-one objects by the time I send out the next issue, and if I don't hear of
or encounter any problems, the next issue will go out as an html file attached
to an essentially empty message.  I do not at this time know when the next
issue will go out.

4. The "List"

Late last month, I noticed the copy of the list of FrOg minerals posted on the
Franklin Mineral Museum web site and maintained by John Cianciulli was revised.
There were two changes.

First, a new mineral has been added to the list.  Neither the full name nor the
formula of the mineral was given, but it will appear between Gersdorffite and
Gertsmannite on the list, which John keeps in alphabetical order.  While I have
no official word, it's reasonable to hope the details will be published in the
next Picking Table.

Second, I noticed Sterlinghillite is no longer labelled unique to the FrOg
area.  I asked John about this.  He e-mailed me the abstract of an article
in which the mineral was reported from elsewhere.  For legal (copyright)
reasons, I will summarize rather than quote the abstract here.  The abstracted
article, titled "Sterlinghillite, a Rare Manganese Arsenate, from the Gozaisho
Mine, Fukushima Prefecture, Japan", was written by Satoshe Matsubara, Ritsuro
Miyawaki, Takaaki Mouri, and Mizuya Kitamine, and was published in the June 22,
2000 issue of the "Bulletin of the National Science Museum".  The article
appears on pages 1 thru 7.  The Sterlinghillite was found in Rhodonite-Braunite
ore in association with Brandtite and an unidentified Mn-Pb-As mineral.  The
abstract also gave chemical analysis data, an empirical formula, some X-ray
powder diffraction data, and estimated cell parameters.

5. The Glowing Future

Information here was obtained from the Franklin Mineral Museum web site.

Saturday, March 17:
  Micro Group meeting, 10am to noon, Franklin Mineral Museum.
  FOMS meeting and lecture, 1:30 pm, Franklin Mineral Museum.  Lecture will be
      "Recreational Gold Prospecting & Panning" by Tom Pracha.

April 21
  FOMS field trip, Sterling Hill Mining Museum mine run dump, 9am to noon,
    $1 per pound, $10 minimum.
  FOMS meeting and lecture, 1:30 pm, Franklin Mineral Museum.  Lecture will be
      "The Significance of the Odgenburg and Franklin Mines in the N.J. Zinc
      Process in Palmerton" by Peter Kern.

April 28-29
   NJESA show, Littell Center.  See FrOg On-Line #2000-07 for details (past
   issues may be found on the web at url "").

May 19
  FOMS field trip, Buckwheat Dump, 9am to noon.
  Micro Group meeting, 10am to noon, Franklin Mineral Museum.
  FOMS meeting and lecture, 1:30 pm, Franklin Mineral Museum.  Lecture will be
      "Sudbury structure, Meteoric impact, Nickel deposits and the
      Environmental Impact of Smelting" by Dr. Dru Germanowski.

May 20, Lime Crest invitational, 9am to 3pm.

June 16
  FOMS field trip, Franklin Quarry, 9am to noon.
  FOMS meeting and lecture, 1:30 pm, Franklin Mineral Museum.  Robert Metsger,
      Geologist for the New Jersey Zinc Co and author of many papers on the
      zinc ore deposits at Franklin and Sterling Hill, will speak to us about
      his findings.

I have not received any additional information since the publication of FrOg
On-Line #2000-07.  See that issue for a schedule of events.  Past issues may be
found on the web at url "".

6. "Subscriber" List

NJ   Larry Berger
NC   Alan Borg 
NY   Dick Bostwick
NJ   Mark Boyer
CA   Kevin Brady
PA   Bob Carnein
VA   Peter Chin          Peter.Chin@USPTO.GOV
NJ   John Cianciulli
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CT   Denis De Angelis
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