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1. Introduction
2. Franklin Show News
3. "Subscriber" List

1. Introduction

Greetings.  I have received additional information about the banquet and the
mineral action/sales taking place in Franklin/Ogdensburg during the weekend of
the Franklin Show.  I'm sending this to pass that information on.

To Herb Yeates and his family: welcome back to America.

There is currently a problem with the FrOg On-Line Archive web site.  It is not
known whether the site hosting company is internally re-organizing things, or
the site hosting company has been bought up by NBCi, or what.  Just keep
trying.  If there is a change in the url, I'll let you know in the first FrOg
On-Line after I learn and verify the new url.  If, while the archive site is
inaccessible, someone needs a copy of a back issue, e-mail me; I have them all.

Hope to see y'all at the show.  I will be spending most of both show days in
the "Pond".  Stop by and visit!

Here goes....

2. Franklin Show

>From Steve Misiur, about the banquet:

  From: "Sterling Hill Mine" <>
  To: [...]
      "Bill Mattison" <>
  Subject: September banquet
  Date: Thu, 31 Aug 2000 14:34:41 -0400

  Hello all,

      The annual FOMS banquet this year takes place September 23, 2000,
  Saturday night at the Lyceum Hall on Franklin Ave, foot of Main Street in
  Franklin. Guests are expected to arrive at 6:30PM and dinner will be served
  at 7 PM. Speaker will be Jay Lininger, editor of, The Matrix. Seating will be
  limited to 75 people. Cost of the tickets are $14 each. This will be a
  all-you-can-eat buffet style affair which includes coffee and dessert by the
  same caterer we had last year. AND as always, for those pickled insomniacs,
  it is BYOB. There will be a auction.

  Nuff said crew!

  The overworked but lovable slub at Sterling Hill

>From Steve Misiur, about the silent auction and mineral sale:

  From: "Sterling Hill Mine" <>
  To: [...]
      "Bill Mattison" <>
  Subject: Sterling Hill web site
  Date: Tue, 5 Sep 2000 12:37:21 -0400

  Hello all,

      You will all be happy to know that the Sterling Hill Mining Museum's web
  site is now back up after being down for two weeks! Also in this issue of our
  web site is a preview of some of the items that will be available at the Paul
  & Irene Chorney Collection Auction during the Franklin Show weekend. Just
  click on the Choreny Auction Collection button and you can see the list plus
  images of the specimens when you click on the listed items.  Keep in mind
  that there will be at least 300 specimens available other than the silent
  auction items. They are priced singly and in lots.

      And we finally caught the black snake that has been making a guest
  appearance during our mine tour. Bob caught it and put it back outside where
  it belongs. It was caught after being seen during Bill Mattison's tour late
  Monday.  Never a dull moment !

  See y'all


The url for the Sterling Hill Mining Museum web site is "".

Well, fortunately, the snake did not attempt to "serpentize" anyone except Bob
Hauck (as far as I know).  Hmmmm, would a serpentized Bob Hauck fluoresce?

The Franklin Mineral Museum will be offering many boxes of specimens for sale
in Kraissal Hall both days of the Franklin Show.  Many (or maybe all?) of the
specimens are from the Dr. Eugene Sensel collection.

During the Labor Day weekend, I was in the FrOg area helping both museums, and
I got to see much of what will be offered for sale.  Both the Sensel collection
and the Chorny collection include colorful specimens, mineralogically/
geologically significant specimens, and micros.

3. "Subscriber" List

NJ   Larry Berger
NC   Alan Borg 
NY   Dick Bostwick
NJ   Mark Boyer
CA   Kevin Brady         kbrady@cslanet.cals
PA   Bob Carnein
VA   Peter Chin          Peter.Chin@USPTO.GOV
NJ   John Cianciulli
NJ   John Corsello
FL   Sandra Downs
NY   Howie Green
MD   Gary Grenier
MN   Tim Hanson
NY   Tema Hecht
CA   Andy Honig
CA   Mark Isaacs
MI   John Jaszczak
NY   Carl Kanoff
NJ   Steve Kuitems
FL   Roy Lambert
NY   Donald Lapham
PA   Jay Lininger
PA   Mike Logan
MD   Bill Mattison
CA   Dan McHugh
VA   Curt Michanczyk
CA   Doug Mitchell
CO   Pete Modreski
WA   Don Newsome
NJ   Jeff Osowski
AZ   George Polman
NJ   Nathan Schachtman
NY   Paul Shizume
MD   Steve Shramko
NJ   Dave Slaymaker
CA   Jane Grover-Smith
CA   Kent Smith
NJ   Chris Thorsten
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NM   Dru Wilbur
VA   David Woolley
FL   Herb Yeates
CA   Wayne Young

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