FrOg On-Line #1999-01a

FrOg #1999-01 follow-up

A letter to recipients of FrOg #1999-01:

This concerns the final paragraph of section 2 (the Picking Table section) of
the first 1999 FrOg on-line message, FrOg #1999-01.

When new people come to be in charge of an operation, changes are inevidable.
And we sometimes are eager to know in advance what changes we are to expect.
My intent with the aforementioned paragraph was to give a brief glimpse of the
changes that might be forthcoming, based on a phone conversation with one of
the new staff members in which he discussed his vision of the Picking Table.
No criticism of past Picking Table issues or current and past Picking Table
staff was intended or even in my thoughts.  Unfortunately, I did a sloppy job
of wording the other person's vision; and it came out critical, not
representative of the other person's vision and intent.  Though I read the
paragraph several times before transmitting the message, I failed to pick up on
its negative tone until days after it was sent out.  Worse, I exercised poor
judgement in including the paragraph in the message without having its wording
approved by the person whose vision I was trying to commumicate.

My apologies to each of you for my poor performance and decision-making on that
paragraph.  I ask each of you to forgive me for my sloppy writing, my careless
and arrogant proof reading, and my poor judgement.  I will  s-t-r-i-v-e  to do
better in the future.

The time and effort expended in putting together Picking Table issues is almost
certainly greater than what I know.  I have read all that have come out since
I joined the Franklin/Ogdensburg Mineral Society, and over half of what was
published before I joined.  All I've read are excellent.  The past and present
Picking Table staff have done excellent work.  I look forward to the future


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