FrOg On-Line #1998-05

From: <>
To: <>
Subject: FrOg #5 Q & A
Date: Wed, 15 Jul 1998 00:49:10 +0900

To all Chat Group Members:

1- Are you finding this chat group useful ?

2- Do you take pictures of your specimens ?

3- Do you use digital camera equipment ? explain your methods...

4- Do your use a 35mm camera and then transfer your images to a
computer ? explain your methods...

5- Do you have specimens that you can not identify ?

6- What reference work do you find most useful in assisting you with
you visual identifications ?

7- Do you have a source for analytical work on your unknown
specimens ?

8- Would you spend money to find out via analytical equipment means
what your specimens are ?

9- Are your interested in collecting more Franklin or Sterling Hill
mineral specimens ?

10- Are you interested in selling any of your Franklin and Sterling Hill
mineral specimens ?

11- Are you a species collector ?

12- Are you strictly a Fluorescent Collector ?

13- Are afraid to tell anyone what is in your collection or share
information about what you have in your collection for any reason ?

15- Is your collection accessible and not in storage ?

16- Would you welcome a chance to have your collection
photographed either with 35mm film or digital equipment ?

17- Do you like to study Franklin and Sterling Hill minerals ?

18 - Do you like to write about minerals ?

19 - Have you written about Franklin and Sterling Hill minerals ?
explain please...

20- Do you want this Chat Group to continue ?

21- What do you want the Chat Group to discuss ?


'bye for now

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