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Sent: Monday, 31 August 1998 3:00 AM
To: Herb Yeates; Gary Grenier
Subject: Re: [Fwd: FrOg #6]


Originally, Dan Russell was sending what I gathered from his e-mail
account in Glen Cove.  Since Issue number 3 Dan has dropped out and I
have not been certain of who was on and who was left off the list.

FrOg #3 was sent to Dan Russell, when it did not come out for lack of a
connection I had already composed most of FrOg #4.  Thus, I compressed
both 3 & 4 into one #4.  You have this issue already.

Here is FrOg #2:
Welcome to the FrOg #2 (Franklin-Ogdensburg) News and Chat group:

As previously mentioned I am the facilitator who gathers, extracts, and
sends the reformatted text along to Dan Russell.  He then paginates and
rebroadcasts the text to our group.  Now "our" group is not very big, so
if we are to have things to chat about we must repeat news-worthy items
that we gather from other contacts, or develop questions for the group
to ponder and answer.  Unfortunately, the "chat" has not started to
materialize as I expected.  Perhaps we are in the "brain freeze"
condition often associated with "post Tucson syndrome".  In any event, I
can not make up the news or chat-worthy material and need your help.  A
response or comment would be a start.

In my previous opening remarks I mentioned "Any rumors out there?
Should we be saving our nickels and dimes?" And later I mentioned
"Additionally, I heard that new cases were ordered that would permit the
display of the Gerstmann collection, despite the rumor that it was being
sold off.  Is this true and when will it happen?"   I have spoken with
Lee Lowell who has reported that the Franklin Mineral Museum has worked
very hard to rearrange the donated collections including a portion of
the Gerstmann Collection by species.  In addition, Lee stressed that the
thoughts of selling off excess specimens from the collections, while
speculated, is just that speculation which to date has not occurred.

While I thought my remarks as phrased to be harmless regarding the
selling off of the Gerstmann Collection, Lee feels that the Franklin
Mineral Museum was unnecessarily damaged by this speculation which he
reports unfounded and untrue.  Lee continued to say that the Museum
depends on the collector community for future donations that could be
jeopardized by this type of speculation.  I hope that my query does not
cause any collector to give pause to the thought of donating their
Franklin and Sterling Hill collection to the Franklin Mineral Museum,
because there is no finer institution in the world to house and to
display your Franklin and Sterling Hill mineral collection.  The Museum
plays host to over 20,000 tourists a year and provides the inspiration
to many kids from all over the world to collect and describe Franklin
and Sterling Hill minerals.

Lee further stated to me in conversation that there are no plans to sell
any or part of the Gerstmann Collection and that the collection is being
brought out of storage as cases and man power permit.  We both agree
that it is unfortunate that the Museum does not have its own newsletter
or "voice" to silence the unfounded speculations of the collecting
community.  My attempts to converse with John Cianciulli for further
confirmation of the Museums activities were unsuccessful.  While the
perceived damage can be trivialized, I fully support the Museum and as a
"Founder or Life Member" would not wish it ill, as I am sure that the
members of the FrOg would agree. Thus, new policy for the FrOg: If a
rumor source can not be queried before transmission in the FrOg, I will
not submit it.  I have seen to many times how rumors are started and
well-meaning individuals relay the "news", propagating the rumor as
fact, which ultimately tarnishes or hurts the third party to which no
one has spoken; only spoken about.  Since it is not our place in this
"news - chat group" to intentionally or unintentionally hurt anyone, we
will not publish speculation about uninvolved third parties.

News From Sterling Hill:
The spring swap-n-sell at Sterling Hill will be held at Sterling Hill on
May 2nd and 3rd.  The swap-n-sell will be outside and admission is
FREE.  A special event is planned for Saturday at 1 PM, the dedication
of Joe Cilen Street at Sterling Hill.  Most of us knew Joe and were
amused by his rare sense of humor.  He left significant collections of
minerals and books.
On Saturday evening at 6 PM at the Ogdensburg Fire House the 3rd Annual
Auction will be held.  The price is $10 per person.  If you plan to go
it is probably wise to send in your $10 early to Sterling Hill Mining
Museum, 30 Plant Street, Ogdensburg, NJ 07439-1126.  This may become a
"sold-out" event very quickly.  I have spoken to Dick Hauck about the
Auction and he reports that he expects to have as many as 140 specimens
to auction from over three collector sources.  For details of the
specimens send a self-addressed stamped envelop to the Sterling Hill
Mining Museum for a list.  Otherwise, come to the Museum early to view
the specimens.  See you there...

LOST FLUCITE  should be FLUCKITE  (Spelling error)
Late last November I received a call from Dr. Kuitems.  He reported that
two small specimens of Fluckite had gone missing from the Franklin
Mineral Museum.  The specimens of this rare material were no bigger than
2"x2" and typical for the find.  That is, an open rotted friedelite vein
on which formed eroded/corroded white lath-like small crystals of
fluckite.  Steve requested that I notify him or the museum of any
attempts to sell me this material.  I have not confirmed this with the
Franklin Mineral Museum, but it was thought that these specimens were
from the type specimen and important to the  museum to have back.  So,
keep an eye out for this material.  Also, if any have more information
regarding these missing specimens, please share with us...thanks.

Todate there have not been any reported Fluckite sightings.

Earl Verbeek Comments on the FrOg #1:
      Well congratulations, you two, on getting the FrOg newsletter up
and running.  With all this talk about "zinc dust" floating around I
thought I should tell you that I have two 5-gallon pails of the stuff
sitting on my balcony here in Tonopah.  It's labeled and sold as "Zinc
Dust" but in reality is zinc in the form of small, flattened needles
about 3 cm long.
 It's used in the Merrill-Crowe process of recovering gold--the gold
plates out on the needles, whose shape offers a very high surface area
to volume ratio.  So, whenever I manage to get back to the FrOg area and
establish a permanent residence there, all of you FrOg maniacs can have
your very own sample of real zinc dust.  How about that?

Well, Earl, I for one would like to have a sample of "real zinc dust",
but tonge-in-cheek aside don't we suffer from to much "zinc dust" since
we are Franklin and Sterling Hill mineral collectors?

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