FrOg On-Line #1998-01

>From  Thu Feb 26 19:33:56 1998
Date: Thu, 26 Feb 1998 19:33:52 -0500 (EST)
From: D E Russell <>
Subject: FrOg Mail List No. 1

Date: Thu, 26 Feb 1998 19:24:50
From: D E Russell <>
Subject: FrOg Mail List No. 1

Well, we're finally up to our first mailing!
Welcome to the FrOg (Franklin-Ogdensburg) News and Chat group:

As your facilitator, I will gather, extract, and send along news, messages,
and questions to Dan Russell, who in turn will rebroadcast to all on "the
List".  So, let me thank all of you loyal listeners and "Franklin-
philliacs" for joining in what could be a lot more fun than waiting for the
next Franklin collection to hit the market. Any rumors out there?  Should we
be saving our nickels and dimes? 

The spring swap-n-sell at Sterling Hill may be the bright spot on the
horizon.  As most know, Dick Hauck has produced some high quality specimens
at auction the past two years.  Walking down memory lane and the Adit to the
lamp room where the Baskin specimens fetched a princely price to the museum
where the Celin collection did above expectations, just to jog your memory.
What could be next?  Well, Dick has mentioned that he has some fine things
lined up and hopes to have the auction in the Ogdensburg Fire House meeting
room.  You know, the same place that the FOMS dinner was held last
September. More to come...

Do not worry about what you send me since I will carve on your text,
slicing out what is directed to me for other than general purposes, or what
may be inappropriate to our objective.  Of course, your questions
and specific news items will appear intact, if not a little re-formated. 
So, on to the chat room stuff.
>From the News Desk:
   Bob Geller reports from the Tucson Show:  Disaster Under the Big Tent

"I just wanted to get the word out that there's been a major disaster at
the Tucson Show. Last night during a storm, the main tent at the Congress
Street Expo completely collapsed. It was a very large tent with tens of
thousands of square feet and occupied by scores of mineral, rough and
equipment dealers. The tent was closed when it collapsed so fortunately no
one was killed or injured. However, the damages due breakage and water could
easily run into the millions of dollars.

"I surveyed the scene there today and am preparing an initial report with
some pictures which will be posted to the '98 Show report pages at Bob's
Rock Shop late tonight: . I'll
update this report page on the tent disaster at the Congress Street Expo as
more information is released by local media, the show promoter, and gleaned
from those who were there."

Reprinted by Gary Grenier.  Be sure to visit the site for
more info and pictures of the Tucson Show.
Newsgroup Members Chat:
Herb Yeates Writes: ("Herb Yeates" <>)
Gary - 
Heard about the newsgroup thing but so far have not seen anything.. make
sure you/Dan alert me when something is there etc. OK? Look forward to
seeing that stuff take off.. FYI, I will be publishing a good bit of [new]
Franklin color on the net in the not-too-distant future.. As you know there
has been nearly zero Franklin
color out anywhere. So, I have built up some interesting files -- quite a
stockpile in fact -- and it should really be good fun -- when I get to it. 

There will of course need to be some *sensible* accompanying text, and that
takes much more time than setting up for the shots and snapping the shutter,
I find. Anyway, we'll see what 'develops'.. its easier still for me to just
talk about it than get it done! 
So, where's this Franklin chat thing then??

Best regards,

TO all:  if you have not visited Herb's web page, you are missing a real
treat.  He has put up some really great SEM's and set the tone for
showing suites of photos as "protfolios".  The most significant
accomplishment may be the "Palache Online" that he has put up in a very
well done and organized manor.  You have got to take the time to visit
his home page (he is in Japan)!!! //

I am glad you are preparing to work on putting color photos of Franklin &
Sterling Hill minerals on the net.  A couple of us are endeavoring to do
likewise.  Perhaps we could compare "How To" notes and optimize our
efforts?  WHat do you think? 
Jay Linninger Writes: (Jay Linninger <>)
Organization: Matrix Publishing 
Dear Gary,

We just got back from our trip to Africa, and I found your "zinc dust"
e-mail. I just wanted to acknowledge its receipt, and to thank you for
including me on the list. I'd really like to consider publishing something
unique about Franklin in the foreseeable future. Any ideas? 

What did you find in Africa?  Inexpensive color publishing or a stash of
Franklin minerals from the turn of the century?  As far as publishing is
concerned, I think it is a great idea!  There are a wealth of stories
from history of mining operations as told by Tilison, to more mineralogy
than most magazines can publish. However,  it need be overwelming in as much
as most every idea can be fragmented and parts picked up and made
into interesting stories.  For instance, the Parker Shaft mineral
assemblage, or the Sterling Hill arsenates to name a couple of large
projects.  A smaller project might be to take an individual species and
write both history and descriptive mineralogy, including detailed assemblage
descriptions.  Now these are just ideas, but I bet the others have some and
will be more than happy to share them.
Peter Chin Writes:
>From: <Peter.Chin@USPTO.GOV>

>YOOO rrr Aliiiiiive! No friends only zinc dust and roks!!

Yes, we are alive.  How about coming out of hibernation and tell us how
to organize a collection so it can be both studied and displayed?
Another question for you, who can we refer specimen material to for
identification work?  Anyone have any suggestions?  Please provide
suggestions of people or organizations whom you have tried.

Bill Mattison Writes:
"William C. Mattison" <>
Hi Gary, Great idea.  I'm glad you got this going.  I'll be looking forward to
these messages.

Question: who or what is
Suggestion: if you were address these messages to everyone as "blind
carbon copies" (bcc) and have only one addressee as the main recipient, our
message headers would be a l-o-t shorter!  (One of these days, I should give
this suggestion to Doug Mitchell.)

Well, you have a good point about the BCC and I will pass it on to Dan
Russell who is and our host webmaster.

[ har-rumphs loudly, wondering why his reputation as Editor
Plenipotentiary of Pearls for Swine magazine is not universal....]

Not That You Asked:

Check out  it is new per Bob's Rock Shop... the
new homepage of the Fluorescent Mineral Society!

Some niffty links that you may want to visit:
Dan Russell's Franklin and Sterling Hill home page
Herb Yeates Franklin Minerals
Herb Yeates Franklin Minerals Palache Online
The Mineral Gallery
UV Systems
A.E. Seaman Mineral Museum
Trinity Mineral Company
Bob's Rockshop
Tuscon Gem & Mineral Show
Mineral News

Just copy & paste these addresses into your browser and launch, save
them as a bookmark if you like what you see... more to come.  Do you
want to see this kind of thing or is it a waste of time... that is you
already know about these?

Late last November I received a call from Dr. Kuitems.  He reported that
two small specimens of Fluckite had gone missing from the Franklin
Mineral Museum.  The specimens of this rare material were no bigger than
2"x2" and typical for the find.  That is, an open rotted friedelite vein
on which formed eroded/corroded white lath-like small crystals of
fluckite.  Steve requested that I notify him or the museum of any
attempts to sell me this material.  I have not confirmed this with the
Franklin Mineral Museum, but it was thought that these specimens were
from the type specimen and important to the museum to have back.  So,
keep an eye out for this material.  Also, if any have more information
regarding these missing specimens, please share with us...thanks.
Steve Sanford Leaves Franklin:
I have not spoken to Steve since the show, so I was surprised to learn
that he had moved to Arizona in mid December.  The last I had heard,
Steve was working for Steve Philips sorting the amazing mass of
specimens that Philips had purchased over the past year that included
buying out a mineral dealer at the Sterling Hill spring swap-n-sell and
then placing the high bid on the Joe Celin collection.

Dick Bostwick Writes:
Steve left about half-way thru December, and his current address is:
C/O Wendy Parriott
301 Lopez Place
Socorro NM 87801
(505) 838-3849
His mom is staying with Susan in Sussex until late in the Spring,
then joining him.  He is hoping that the weather out there (drier and
warmer than here) will be better for his mom;  he may also be hoping
to finish his degree at New Mexico Tech.

So, here is to Steve...good luck!!!  And, if any of you have contact and
can share a message from Steve, I am sure we would enjoy knowing he is
News of the Franklin Mineral Museum:
I have nothing new to report here.  I have not heard of any collections
being purchased by the museum, nor have I heard that the renovations of
the Franklin cases have progressed.  It has been some time since I have
visited, so if there are any of you who have been to the museum
recently, please share with us "What's Going on at Franklin".

For instance, last September I heard that there was a move to
consolidate all of the donated specimens now on display by species.  Has
this happened?

Additionally, I heard that new cases were ordered that would permit the
display of the Gerstmann Collection, despite the rumor that it was being
sold off.  Is this true and when will it happen?

Another item is the Franklin Auction that did not happen last november.
Is it put off to the spring or is it never to happen due to lack of
support from Jack Baum and Pete Dunn?  So if you have news to share or
want to ask John Ciancuilli and report back to us please do with our
Other Franklin Sites:
Does anyone have any news on what is happening at the Mill Site?  The
report is that it has been sold and that the toxic waste remediation is
not as costly nor a road-block to redevelopment.  Any truth to this?

Also, an unsupported report has it that Philips is in the midst of
negotiating a multi-million dollar deal to sell the 45 acre parcel
Franklin Mine (now filled with water).  Any new information on this
deal?  Another report has Dick Hauck putting together a consortium to
buy the property.  I have spoken to Dick several times on this issue and
he has said that he thinks it is a way that Philips could do the deal,
but he is not putting together this one.  When the property is sold and
if it is not donated to the Franklin Mineral Museum, as it could be, the
potential for future collecting on the Trotter Dump is most likely dim
to non-existent.....

Phone Conversation with Dr. Steve Kuitems:
Steve Discovers a "Second" Anatase specimen.  While going through the
Betty Pfueffier collection of micro specimens collected from the
Buckwheat Dump some 45+ years ago by Betty, the eagle eyed Dr. Steve,
equiped with compressed air,  blew away any doudt that there was only
one anatase specimen from Fanklin.

Originally, Ralph Thomas discoved the tiny cornflower crystals with
rutile in the Buckwheat dolomite.  Like the original find, Dr. Steve
describes the matrix and specimen thus:  "the entire specimen
measures7mm x 6mm x 5mm. and is composed of gray-off white dolomite
inwhich there is a pocket.  The pocket cavity is rimmed by a thin dark
band in the center of which is typical gray-white rhombic dolomite
crystals.  Perched on the crystals are two rods of rutile.  Adjacent to
the rutile crystals are two .2mm typical pyramidal cornflower blue
anatase crystals.  The crystals appear to have the typical striations
and parallel color zoning of anatase found at other localities."

This is quite remarkable since the material was collected so long ago.
Hats off to Dr. Steve.  Once again taking to the time to look at rock
that others would discard has yielded a significant find.

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